Quality handcrafted Windsor and Country Chairs, made in the heart of rural Somerset By HOLLAND CHAIRS

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Windsor Chairs

To complement our chairs we can also make a wide range of tables, built entirely to our customers requirements. If you would like more information about tables please contact us.

Tables from £900

These are the traditional Windsor Chairs that everyone knows and loves. They can be purchased as a comfy chair to sit by the fire, or as the two end chairs for a dining table.

Carvers starting at - £350.00

These chairs are the same as the Carvers or large side chairs but with rockers attached to the legs. As they make a soothing rocking motion they are great for nursing chairs or as a comfy chair to go by the fire.

Rocking Chairs starting at - £400.00

These chairs go nicely around a dining table and are traditionally smaller than the Carvers that accompany them. Alternately we can make the seats the same as the Carvers for grater comfort.

Side Chairs starting at - £280.00

Our Double Seat Settees would complement any conservatory and are equally as comfortable as their single seat cousins, the Carver.

Double Seat Settee starting at - £720.00

The perfect chair for sitting in front of the fire on a winters evening.The flexibility of the fan back design adds to a more relaxing chair.

Fan Back Carvers starting - £390.00

As we make all of our chairs entirely, you can request any combination of woods styles and finishes. If you require anything not on here please ask for a quotation.

We also make bespoke tables to complement our chairs.

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