Quality handcrafted Windsor and Country Chairs, made in the heart of rural Somerset By HOLLAND CHAIRS

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Windsor Chairs

Holland Chairs started over three generations ago as boat builders. As the desire for wooden boats fell into decline with new fibreglass boats being used the company evolved to traditional cabinetmakers. This art was refined to the English Windsor and Country Chair making company of today.

Martin Holland has been making furniture his whole life, following on from his father. A keen sailor, he has a real passion for comfort and elegant design.

Carl Holland started working for his father during his gap year at college and has never looked back, sharing his fathers idea that a chair is only any good if it is comfortable, he hopes to one day pass the business down to his sons.

Julia Holland married into the business and has left her hectic life as a manager for a large company to head the marketing for Holland Chairs. She can be found most days manning the gallery at Barrington Court.

Family Chairs, made by a family company

About Us

Holland Chairs have sent furniture all across the world, including Japan and Australia. Currently they are making Windsor Chairs for Sweden, as well as for customers across the United Kingdom.

Our customers include English Heritage and the Bishop of Bath and Wells

“Bishop Peter is delighted with the furniture you supplied for the oratory, and is interested in ordering another bench…”

                                                       - Rev Nicola Sullivan Bishops Chaplain



Steam Bending

Holland Chairs are constructed using the best of the old methods, combined with modern technologies and glues.


Solid Seats

Wedges and Pins

All curves on the chairs are bent by the use of steam and formers. No chemicals are used in the process to be environmentally friendly, and for strength they are never laminated. This is even true for our Oak Windsor Chairs which are notoriously hard to bend.

All our Windsor Chair seats are made in one piece, as a quality Windsor Chair seat should never be joined. They are shaped deeply to allow for maximum comfort.

All possible joints are wedged and pinned like the traditional chairs to provide a strong and long lasting joint. These chairs can be put together without glue and will still be a sturdy chair.